World Book Day 2019: Design & Paper's Favorite Books Of The Moment

On the 23th April we celebrate the World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day, or International Day of the Book, an annual event organised by the UNESCO to promote reading, publishing, and copyright across the world. World Book Day has been celebrated continuously since 23rd April 1995, a date chosen in honour of the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as that of the birth or death of several other prominent authors.

Numerous events are held, ranging from charity fundraisers to festivals and exhibitions, all with the same, common goal of encouraging reading and the enjoyment of literature, while championing creativity, diversity and equal access to knowledge. To celebrate this special day, Design & Paper gathered together their favourite books of the moment, from various themes and categories – each intriguing and beautiful in their own way. It's a huge honour that our book also has a place on their list!

Here you can read some more about the volumes: